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Cupcake Bake-Off Will Raise Money, Awareness for Drug Abuse Prevention

Cupcake bake-off will raise money, awareness for drug abuse prevention
ADVERTISEMENT. Local students are invited to take place in the second annual Cupcakes for CAPE bake-off, to raise awareness and funds for substance abuse prevention. CAPE, the Council on Addiction Prevention and Education, will host the bake-off.
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Local coalition focusing on substance abuse prevention
At its bi-annual meeting, about 60 members of the coalition — local officials in the health, education and human services fields — sought advice from organizations outside Franklin County that are already working on preventing substance abuse before …
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Why Is Being a Drug Addict a Mental Illness ?

Is Drug Addiction a Mental Illness
by dbking

Question by : why is being a drug addict a mental illness ?
i don’t see it

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Answer by Bendy
generally well adjusted people dont become drug addicts. something becomes an illness when it interferes with your ability to function efectively in the culture in which you are immersed. Do drug addiction is a mental illness because once you are addicted access to the drug takes precidence over most other things. that is considered an illness

New Thinking on Brain-Science Therapies Could Help Foster Kids

New thinking on brain-science therapies could help foster kids
Therapies based on brain science — and limited use of antipsychotic medications — are the answer for thousands of foster kids whose traumatic childhoods have left them with depression and extreme aggression, according to a growing number of experts …
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Can Your Anti-Anxiety Medication Kill You?
Doctors have known for a while that long-term use of certain anti-anxiety drugs carries risks such as cognitive impairments. Many people take anti-anxiety drugs for brief periods of time, and the effects could be different for short-term users …
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What Are the Long Term Effects of the Drug Ecstasy?

Question by Anna Rexia: What are the long term effects of the drug ecstasy?

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Answer by grasshopper
It WILL cause serotonin depletion that is irreversible. Basically, you will be depressed – clinically.

Answer by Greg
u’ll die eventually

Child abuse is preventable
Long-term effects are evident. Two-thirds of individuals in treatment for drug abuse report child abuse. “Of those who have been abused, 30 percent will later abuse their own child. Girls are 25 percent more likely to experience teen pregnancy and …
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Xanax Addiction vs Illegal Drug Addiction?

Question by r6racer: xanax addiction vs illegal drug addiction?
I would like to know if you think being a xanax addict, is the same thing as being addicted to other drugs like heroin and cocaine? Is a junkie a junkie?

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Answer by marshall y

Answer by ? Mary ?
Yes…those things are terribly addictive!

6 Clemson students among 16 charged in drug roundup
Of the 10 others charged, including three who are still wanted, the charges range from distributing marijuana to distribution of ecstasy, Xanax and LSD. Undercover agents and surveillance techniques employed by … He talked about a teen who is …
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Up in Vapor

Up in Vapor
Vapor Revolution's Chief Financial Officer Joe Bittlingmaier, left, and President Eric Swick use their e-cigarettes in their office in Amsterdam on Wednesday. Photo by Brian … He hasn't fully weaned himself off nicotine, the addictive drug in both …
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Drug Take Back Day in full effect
Rebecca King, a school nurse in the Red Clay School District, says her daughter is recovering from prescription drug use and heroin. "Kids think it's safe to take them, and they get hooked very easily. Prescription pain killers are opiates, and it's a …
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