What Are the Long Term Effects of the Drug Ecstasy?

Question by Anna Rexia: What are the long term effects of the drug ecstasy?

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Answer by grasshopper
It WILL cause serotonin depletion that is irreversible. Basically, you will be depressed – clinically.

Answer by Greg
u’ll die eventually

Child abuse is preventable
Long-term effects are evident. Two-thirds of individuals in treatment for drug abuse report child abuse. “Of those who have been abused, 30 percent will later abuse their own child. Girls are 25 percent more likely to experience teen pregnancy and …
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Major Ontario study finds 'benzo' drugs worsen breathing problems for some
While long-term use has been associated with increased risk of addiction, dizziness and falls, the seven-year, population-based study carried out by Dr. Nicholas Vozoris of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, paints an even more alarming picture. Until …
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My Turn: Prevent smoking, prevent drug abuse
Teenagers who begin smoking are three to five times more likely to later have opiate and other drug problems than those who do not begin smoking. So by eliminating the tobacco trust fund as a future source of funding for tobacco control, we will …
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