What Types of Prescriptions Will Counteract the Drug Suboxone?

Question by shortyred317: what types of prescriptions will counteract the drug Suboxone?
I’m currently detoxing from an opiate addiction with the drug Suboxone. I was wondering if the Suboxone will block the effects of another medication called Xanax. I’m taking Clonipin now but was just wondering what the effects would have on the xanax. Would I still feel the effects of the xanax?
will i still feel my xanax?

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Answer by ilse72
Suboxone should not be taken with xanax. It will not block the effects but will intensify them. The combination of these two drugs will cause intense drowsiness, dizziness, confusion and, even, respiratory depression. So, yes, you would feel the effects of the xanax but it would be extremely dangerous to take them both together…which is why your are on the clonipin instead.

DO NOT take suboxone and xanax together!

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