How Do We Make Him Go to Drug Rehab?

Question by mandymariee: How do we make him go to drug rehab?
My husband’s brother needs to go to rehab. He is heavily into meth. He is around 6’1 and 120 Ibs? He has scars and scabs all over him, that he tries to cover with bandaids.

He will NOT go to rehab. He will NOT admit he has a problem.

We have tried to talk to him. It does not help. He just gets really mad and threatens to stop talking to his family. We did, however, stop helping him with money.

Is there any way to make him go to rehab? One that he can’t leave? If enough of his family comes forward and puts him in there?

I live in Dallas, TX

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Answer by Marc V
Unfortunately, he’s going to have to make that decision on his own, willingly. He might just have to hit rock bottom, unfortunately. The only way that he can be forced to go to rehab is by court order, and that would only happen if he gets arrested and charged with a crime.

Answer by Noccie
You need to get involved in narc-anon. It’s a group for people who have family members involved in drugs. You can’t make him go to rehab, but you can learn how to deal with him and his issues. So what if he gets mad? So what if he stops talking to his family? Maybe this will be his wake up call.
You could also look into staging an intervention.

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